NSO message: Great concern over CNO’s new partnership in RN entry exam

Dear NSO Members,

As nursing students we need to be aware of and concerned about the College of Nurses of Ontario's (CNO) and nine other Canadian RN regulators' decision to use an American company to provide the electronic exams for licensing of Registered Nurses in Canada. The change is supposed to take effect as of 2015.

This decision was made without consultation with other Canadian nursing bodies.

Professional nursing organizations are concerned about how this decision will impact Canadian health system values and economics, as well as the loss of control over test data and nurses' personal information. Furthermore, there is concern that American control of Ontario RN data will enhance Ontario RNs' ability to relocate to the U.S., further exacerbating a national nursing shortage and retention related issues.

The Canadian Nurses Association's (CNA) news release can be accessed using the following link:

CNA President Judith Shamian prepared the following video:

The CNO's announcement can be viewed at:

Thank you for continuing to stay informed on issues that affect the nursing profession in Ontario.

Amanda Firth
Fourth Year Nursing Student (SN4)
Ryerson University

President 2011-2012
Nursing Students of Ontario (NSO) /
Étudiant(e)s Infirmier(ére) de l'Ontario (ÉIO)
Website: http://nso.rnao.ca