Nursing Students Put Spotlight on Poverty and Education

The Nursing Students of Ontario are living up to the association's mandate of speaking out for health and speaking out for nursing. On November 2, 2009 members of NSO helped organize a panel discussion on poverty and homelessness at Toronto's Ryerson University. Guest speakers attempted to break down some of the stereotypes people have about those in need. Among the speakers was Anne Eggers, a nurse practitioner with Health Providers Against Poverty.

Later that week, on November 5, 2009 NSO joined other students at Queen's Park for a day of action aimed at dropping tuition fees. Members of the NSO executive along with other nursing students want the government to increase funding for post secondary education. NSO says that if governments believe in a knowledge-based economy then education should be regarded as a social determinant of health.

Story from RNAO Loop Nov 2009


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