Leadership for New Grads Workshop in Toronto - March 11, 2010


Submitted by: Nathan Kelly

Honing effective leadership skills as a new graduate is critical in order to thrive in today’s work environment. Effective leadership is an essential component in the development and sustainability of healthy work environments, which are characterized by high rates of staff retention, productivity, and job satisfaction as well as quality care and service outcomes. Leadership qualities and skills can be learned and enhanced over time; therefore, beginning early can set a foundation for continued growth over the course of one’s career.

This one-day workshop will provide newly graduated nurses and graduating nursing students with an opportunity to assess, reflect on and build their leadership capacity. Participants will discuss theoretical frameworks and hear first-hand research evidence which validate the experiences of new graduates in the current work environment. They will learn about evidenced-based transformational leadership practices and practical strategies for applying the Healthy Work Environment Best Practice Guideline: Sustaining Nursing Leadership to their practice.

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