NSO Celebrates Toronto Pride with Rainbow Nursing Interest Group (RNIG)


"Imagine marching down the streets with throngs of happy people cheering loudly for you and someone in the crowd shouts: “It’s the nurses that run the ER not the doctors!” You laugh and continue on cheering with your fellow nursing friends and colleagues. Several Toronto nursing students joined me as we donned our most colourful scrub tops and marched in this year’s Pride Toronto Parade as part of RNAO’s Rainbow Nursing Interest Group. We stopped at nothing to show our pride and enthusiasm in support, and we loved the love the crowds showed to us nurses and nursing students alike. We as health care professionals we are inclusive, proud, and we do not tolerate any discrimination or oppression, and what a more fun way to demonstrate our caring values than by participating in Pride Toronto? Next year, we hope to have even more nurses and nursing students involved and even already have preliminary plans for what we want to wear and do in next year’s Pride Toronto Parade!"

- Vikky Leung Policy and Political Action Officer, Nursing Students of Ontario (NSO) 2012-2013